NAB Show 2017,More surprise Coming


As we all know that NAB Show is an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters. It takes place in 24th April at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. With its strong influence, attracting a large number of from the global radio and television media professional elite and related fields of professional exhibitors, and Chipshow is one of them.


NAB Show regard the radio and television industry as the core, we all know, the industry is constantly expanding, tend to digital, network and media interoperability. NAB offers a high-end platform for cross-integration, where you can find a lot of options, whether you need a specific product or a complete set of facilities.



Chipshow in 2017 Las Vegas NAB show grand launch of the leopard's third upgrade version of ultra-fine P1.58 led screen, NET series P3.91 rental LED Display for the high-end market demand, Newest 6H P1.6 TV products replacement for high-end business commercial demand and transparent P3.91 Window glass LED wall for shopping mall advertisement.


The technology of these products are not representative of the highest level of Chipshow LED Display, but in the current US market, this display program to meet the mainstream needs of the US market.Chipshow will be the most stable, the most mature 4 products to the North American market, reflecting the company from top to bottom responsible for the corporate image.


One example only: For the Newest 6H ultra-fine pixel 1.6mm LED Display , you can get a promise of Pixel Failure lower than 5PPM with supporting for 3 years of continuous use. That is to say a 1080p display, dead light more than 11 points in 3 years , count our quality problems!


North American market has been Chipshow’s important position, with the world for LED small pitch product recognition of the upgrade, North American customers’ acceptability for ultra-fine pitch LED products are getting higher and higher. It can be seen, only product quality is an important tool to open the market. Chipshow will, as always, do a good job, from customer needs and interests, to provide customers with more cost-effective products.


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