Crossed Half of China to see you: Tianjin


——2017 The first stop of domestic promotion activities

In recent years, the domestic large-screen led display industry is undergoing profound changes. Not only new technologies, new technology, new materials, new products changes rapidly, but also market level got a huge change.


Great Change 1: More than 75% of government procurement projects have been sinking to the third-tier cities (including) .

Great Change 2: More than 70% of the led display purchase items in the purchase amount of less than one million RMB.

Great Change 3: Channel distributors trend to diversification and flattening.


conference in Tianjing

Chipshow the domestic sales for these huge changes in the early layout, and performance charts have been working for four years. 2017 Chipshow domestic promotion "Crossed half of China to see you" activities by the performance list hosted by the hundreds of forums to start the first stop.


How to effectively connect, integrate the "last mile" of the channel resources, is Chipshow’s ,the LED high-definition large-screen manufacturers,  future domestic service base. On the other hand, the majority of channels  vendor who are from the second, third and fourth tier cities only can participate in individual industry exhibition every year. However, they have little chance to communicate with  high-definition LED display manufacturers.  It is based on this, Chipshow with the results of the list of hundreds of forums in the fourth quarter, open the "landing deep plowing, line Miles, gather the world friends" of the national tour exchange activities.


Chipshow ultra-fine P1.58 HD LED Display for High-end seminar conference

In Tianjin Conference, chipshow display of the leopard ultra-fine P1.58 led wall installation solution, has been recognized and concerned about the customer, the exchange of business cards to keep the project on the communication.


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