The Four Beauties LED Display in Chipshow


With over 16 years manufacture experience, Chipshow’s products of outdoor, indoor, ultra-fine pixel led screen, rental display, transparent screen to window screen covers 80% of the market demand.The birth of a lot of classic products, such as the black King Kong series, Little Swan series, large white shark series, ventilation series.

Let the past go and pay attention to the moment.



The beauty 1---NET Series: Won Germany IF Design Award, front and rear maintenance; modular design for all accessories , One second plug;Cabinet 500*500 and 500*1000  can be seamless stitching; Indoor and outdoor application can be curved installation,built in gravity sensor, etc.



The beauty 2---Leopard Series: Replacemet of LCD --Ultra-fine pixel led screen, absolutely Front service Small pixel pitch LED display. Any module, power supply, receiving card can be maintained from the front; 4 cabinets could be made into a 55-inch TV products with wall-mounted installation, completely replacement of LCD. Dual back up for signal and power supply, automatically detect signal integrity.



The beauty 3---Ventilation LED Display: National Invention Patent201110350023.1; Protection Grade IP65; Air flow can be directly through the screen body, ventilation rate reaches to 50%, Installation is not afraid of typhoon.  No fans, no air conditioning and save cost. Waterproof, dustproof, airproof and all-sealed design are good for outdoor advertising Use.



The beauty 4--- Front Service Outdoor LED Display: Got US Patent certificate. Front service and rear service maintenance are available; Adopt top high brightness with low power consumption LED lamp, energy saving ≥30%; Dark black surface, firm and flat, anti-UV module parts, Apply to outdoor Fixed Narrow Service Corridor.



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