Youth Day, My Day


When the sunshine of the new century and flowers of May are felt by the heart of every people, we are welcoming the May. 4th Youth Day again.

But do you know the story of “Youth Day”? It commemorates the May 4th Movement that happened in 1919. It’s a special day for all Chinese people, especially for Chinese Youth people. So as a youth member, we’re about to mountaineering near the highest mountain of Shiyan town to take a look at the magnificent scene of the thriving LED global manufacturing base.


Science and technology park and industrial park in Shiyan Town, Bao’an District Shenzhen formed a large LED screen  manufacturing industry. Whether big LED Display  enterprises or small led display manufacturing and supply chain formed the world's highest density LED industry cluster.


This world-class LED Display manufacturing center is from all over the country for young people, in various positions to promote industry scientific and technological progress, respect for knowledge, pay attention to cultivate the spirit of craftsmen, through their own labor and innovation to make their own labor value is reasonable Return.Here are the latest LED large screen R & D results, where the most stringent production process, where the most skilled LED large screen industry workers.

What is the farthest distance in the world?

Ancient youth said: drink the Yangtze River water

Art youth said: I stand in front of you, you do not know I love you

I’ll said:The farthest distance is when you to go to Shenzhen leave your home, you’ll never go back.


We come from all over the country, from different hometown to Shiyan town Shenzhen to chase our dreams.Here are our youth, here are our dreams. In the future we will be someone who grows into the manufacturing of craftsmen, some people will become experts in industry technology, some people will set up the company to do their own business, someone will continue to make progress into the industry's professional managers. Different people have different ways, you have your dreams, he has his pursuit, each will have their own achievements;

At that time, we are all old.

At that time, we talked with friends about the Story of big LED screen, you and me are in there.


We believe young people in their own festivals will do a better job. Youth Day, My Day


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